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Quad LS (95) PREMIUM

Quad LS (95) PREMIUM
Quad LS (95) PREMIUM
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Quad LS
Quad LS (95) PREMIUM
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Volume: 95 Liter
Length: 233.5 cm
Width: 58.9 cm
Construction: PREMIUM
Sail range (min): 4.0 m²
Sail range(max): 6.2 m²
Fin: MFC QS -350
Type: Quad Wave
Fin box: US Box (8") / Mini Tuttle

Levi Siver's signature 4 fin wave board. Judged as today’s best wave board by both Windsurfing USA magazine and Boardseeker UK online magazine. The QUAD LS represents Levi Siver’s dream of an ideal wave board for all around conditions. Levi wanted a board that would plane very quickly and turn super tight with immense amounts of speed, control and grip. Considering the broad range of conditions he sails Levi also wanted a board with excellent upwind capabilities. The QUAD LS is the result of Levi’s incredible drive and passion for performance and innovation in windsurfing. This line of boards is designed for any type of wave conditions you may encounter around the globe. Also, the QUAD concept allows you to ride about 5 more liters than you normally would, and this really opens up the low-end range of the board. Incredibly, at this higher volume, the board will feel looser and more stable than a more traditional lower volume board.

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